New Year 2010

As I had the pleasure of spending New Year’s Eve at our fabulous hotel, a new thought emerged that I thought I would share with all fellow dog lovers… East Hampton is not only a Mecca for sun worshippers in the summer time, but also a haven for noise averse canines that want to take Mom and Dad to a quiet place during this people oriented holiday that insists on shooting extremely loud fire crackers and horn blowing… The noise can be especially jarring to city pups–like my two darling dogs–speaking from a dog’s point of view of course.  In 2008 I tore up my hand by rescuing Lexington (the wilder of my two Goldens) from being hit by a driver. He ran like mad through Central Park towards the street after the Philharmonic’s grande soiree culminated with amazing (though loud for dog’s ears) fireworks. The event scarred us both, as I love having him run without the leash in the park after 9 pm, but with those fire crackers out there, it’s a slippery slope… Not so if you choose to take your dogs and your loved ones to c/o The Maidstone over New Year’s! No fire crackers in sight; as the village has asked its inhabitants to refrain from such dog repellant things out of respect for the peaceful tranquility that reigns out here. So, if you’re looking for a swell alternative for you and your pet for New Year’s Eve, then come to us next time… We have a scrumptious dog menu to order from, for vegetarian and meat loving canines alike. And the cutie dog that I hung with at New Year’s had a swell time. His mom and dad drove out from Manhattan to give the whole Z-Clan a divine start of 2010. Wish you could have been there. 🙂

Take care,


Jenny, Butler and LexingtonThe Living Room Woof Menu


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