c/o The Maidstone on Plum TV

Plum TV paid us a little visit and had a blast in one of our rooms… Incidentally, it happened to be our newly renovated Kurbits Cottage with relics dating back to the 1700´s that seem to do just fine with the snazzy Plum TV reporter jumping on it… And thank you Nick, for showing us that our idea of mixing the old and the new works just swell. Old gorgeous table with Playstation 3. Old Kurbits drawer with new Ipod Docking station. Ancient ayurvedic aromatherapy with Bodum French coffee press. And old historical Maidstone Arms became new c/o The Maidstone and The Living Room. Watch Nick’s hysterical excerpt! It’ll give you a good idea of what you can do and whom you’ll see (or perhaps not see as was the case…) at our swanky place. The robes really are to die for and the Stockholmopolitan is worth a sip or two, especially as we have already put the glass together for you so as not to compete with that other successful Swedish corporation…  And for the sake of our furniture, could you limit the jumping please?


You can view the video at this link: http://www.plumtv.com/blogs/hamptons-insider/hamptons-social-life-with-nick-leighton/


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