The countdown…

Dear friends,

The countdown for our fabulous re-launch of c/o The Maidstone is almost at its end and we’re all ready to greet you. Or rather, say Hi, give you a peck on the cheek or a hug as we’re dying to meet you. This is the dream we’ve longed for, worked for and envisioned for the past three years and it’s almost surreal that the dream is about to become reality.  In the spring of 2006 my Brand Manager and I sat in the dark dungeons of a cellar in Stockholm and sketched the future growth strategy of that which was to become the brand of c/o Hotels. We knew we wanted to branch outside of our native Sweden and we longed for NY. One year later I embarked on an MBA education at Columbia University and two years later I found this hidden gem in the Hamptons that is soon to become our flagship c/o Hotel. I’ve written about the brand, I’ve lectured about the brand, I’ve done brand training with my staff but come May 19th, you’ll be able to physically experience the brand… We absolutely love it and live by it, and seriously, who wouldn’t love an environmentally friendly design hotel that welcomes all sorts of people and pets and children, that offers yoga to their staff as well as meditation before and after work? Or a restaurant that goes out of its way to find local producers that are as passionate about their vegetables, their wines or their fish as we are and care enough about this piece of heaven that that they live responsibly and use the earth in a sustainable manner which will allow our kids to smell the flowers, enjoy the sea breeze or casually stroll on the miles and miles of white sand that the Hamptons are famous for?

I fell in love when I first came out here a year ago. I looked at my two dogs and said this is where we’re going to stay for a while. This is where we’re going to walk, run, work and love for some time to come, and they looked at me and cocked their head to the side in that Golden Retriever way of saying, “Yes we’d like that. We’d like that very much.” And that’s the beginning of the journey. On May 19th we take the next step along the way. Please come and join us. We’d love to see you, show you who we are and enjoy life with you. I think you’ll like being here. It’s a magical place and I’m opening our doors for you so that you can come play.

Lots of love,

Jenny Ljungberg

Proud Owner of c/o The Maidstone Hotel


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