New Year 2010

As I had the pleasure of spending New Year’s Eve at our fabulous hotel, a new thought emerged that I thought I would share with all fellow dog lovers… East Hampton is not only a Mecca for sun worshippers in the summer time, but also a haven for noise averse canines that want to take Mom and Dad to a quiet place during this people oriented holiday that insists on shooting extremely loud fire crackers and horn blowing… The noise can be especially jarring to city pups–like my two darling dogs–speaking from a dog’s point of view of course.  In 2008 I tore up my hand by rescuing Lexington (the wilder of my two Goldens) from being hit by a driver. He ran like mad through Central Park towards the street after the Philharmonic’s grande soiree culminated with amazing (though loud for dog’s ears) fireworks. The event scarred us both, as I love having him run without the leash in the park after 9 pm, but with those fire crackers out there, it’s a slippery slope… Not so if you choose to take your dogs and your loved ones to c/o The Maidstone over New Year’s! No fire crackers in sight; as the village has asked its inhabitants to refrain from such dog repellant things out of respect for the peaceful tranquility that reigns out here. So, if you’re looking for a swell alternative for you and your pet for New Year’s Eve, then come to us next time… We have a scrumptious dog menu to order from, for vegetarian and meat loving canines alike. And the cutie dog that I hung with at New Year’s had a swell time. His mom and dad drove out from Manhattan to give the whole Z-Clan a divine start of 2010. Wish you could have been there. 🙂

Take care,


Jenny, Butler and LexingtonThe Living Room Woof Menu


c/o The Maidstone on Plum TV

Plum TV paid us a little visit and had a blast in one of our rooms… Incidentally, it happened to be our newly renovated Kurbits Cottage with relics dating back to the 1700´s that seem to do just fine with the snazzy Plum TV reporter jumping on it… And thank you Nick, for showing us that our idea of mixing the old and the new works just swell. Old gorgeous table with Playstation 3. Old Kurbits drawer with new Ipod Docking station. Ancient ayurvedic aromatherapy with Bodum French coffee press. And old historical Maidstone Arms became new c/o The Maidstone and The Living Room. Watch Nick’s hysterical excerpt! It’ll give you a good idea of what you can do and whom you’ll see (or perhaps not see as was the case…) at our swanky place. The robes really are to die for and the Stockholmopolitan is worth a sip or two, especially as we have already put the glass together for you so as not to compete with that other successful Swedish corporation…  And for the sake of our furniture, could you limit the jumping please?


You can view the video at this link:

Cocktail Launch Party

c/o The Maidstone is now open and it’s immensely exciting… We just pulled off a super successful and fun opening weekend and if you happened to be one of the lucky ones to come play I want to thank you as you made me so happy. Each and every one of you. From our fabulous 95 year old neighbor who’s seen the inn change various times over her 65 years here in the Hamptons, to the previous owner who came to have a look at what had happened behind the closed doors over the past months, to the young hipsters who came from the city to see what all the buzz was about and of course, the spiritual healers, acupuncturists, yogis or influx of Swedes that naturally came to toast a fellow Swede making a mark in the East End. Somebody asked me if the design was typically Scandinavian and as you can see from the pictures, the design is a bit bolder than your average Scandinavian household but all the details stem from different parts of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and if you like them, we’ll be able to tell you where to get them. That’s part of the brand as we want to spread the word of what we’ve found over the years. Have a peak at the pictures. We wanted to create something that would stand out in a crowd. Let me know what you think, if we succeeded, if you want to have your wedding here, do yoga by the big Buddah in the garden or just sip some champagne in the garden. Chances are you’ll see me there which I’m already looking forward to. Being a part of the Hamptons is a blessing. Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey for my hotels, my dogs and myself.

The countdown…

Dear friends,

The countdown for our fabulous re-launch of c/o The Maidstone is almost at its end and we’re all ready to greet you. Or rather, say Hi, give you a peck on the cheek or a hug as we’re dying to meet you. This is the dream we’ve longed for, worked for and envisioned for the past three years and it’s almost surreal that the dream is about to become reality.  In the spring of 2006 my Brand Manager and I sat in the dark dungeons of a cellar in Stockholm and sketched the future growth strategy of that which was to become the brand of c/o Hotels. We knew we wanted to branch outside of our native Sweden and we longed for NY. One year later I embarked on an MBA education at Columbia University and two years later I found this hidden gem in the Hamptons that is soon to become our flagship c/o Hotel. I’ve written about the brand, I’ve lectured about the brand, I’ve done brand training with my staff but come May 19th, you’ll be able to physically experience the brand… We absolutely love it and live by it, and seriously, who wouldn’t love an environmentally friendly design hotel that welcomes all sorts of people and pets and children, that offers yoga to their staff as well as meditation before and after work? Or a restaurant that goes out of its way to find local producers that are as passionate about their vegetables, their wines or their fish as we are and care enough about this piece of heaven that that they live responsibly and use the earth in a sustainable manner which will allow our kids to smell the flowers, enjoy the sea breeze or casually stroll on the miles and miles of white sand that the Hamptons are famous for?

I fell in love when I first came out here a year ago. I looked at my two dogs and said this is where we’re going to stay for a while. This is where we’re going to walk, run, work and love for some time to come, and they looked at me and cocked their head to the side in that Golden Retriever way of saying, “Yes we’d like that. We’d like that very much.” And that’s the beginning of the journey. On May 19th we take the next step along the way. Please come and join us. We’d love to see you, show you who we are and enjoy life with you. I think you’ll like being here. It’s a magical place and I’m opening our doors for you so that you can come play.

Lots of love,

Jenny Ljungberg

Proud Owner of c/o The Maidstone Hotel